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to build confidence and keep connections


How are boundaries affecting your everyday life?

Take my quick and fun Boundaries Quiz to discover your strengths, challenges, and next steps.

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Personal Boundaries

As a people pleaser, you aren’t sure how to say no without disappointing anyone, hurting their feelings or appearing mean.

You’re ready to learn how to set boundaries in a kind way that maintains connection & healthy relationships.

Professional Boundaries

As the go-to person for everyone in your life, you’re overwhelmed, overworked, and at risk of burning out.

You know you need work life balance but don’t know how that’s even possible while still getting everything done.

Executive Coaching

You have reached an impressive professional level, but not without cost.  It can be lonely at the top. 

You want a high performing team that you can rely on, better relationships, and for crucial conversations not to keep you up at night. 

Are you a coach looking for a tried and true method to teach your clients boundaries?


“I had a lot of stress and anxiety around boundaries with a family member.

Now that I’ve been working with her, that relationship has totally shifted and it didn’t take that long to do that either.”

– Deb Disandro

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Ali Ownes

“I’ve struggled with boundaries my entire life.”

“After just a few conversations with Mary, I felt empowered to begin enforcing boundaries in ways that have changed everything for the better. I still think about her coaching every time I set a new one.”

– Ali Owens

“Coaching with Mary is fun! I was always excited to see Mary, even when I knew we were going to be working on stuff that was difficult or hard.”

“I still knew that it was going to end up being a positive experience in the long run and that I was going to come out feeling better than when we got started, every single session.”

Debbi Allison

Debbi Allison Headshot

“Mary’s open-minded and relaxed manner put me at ease to involve her with my personal life struggles. I have been able to express thoughts, ideas, goals, and feelings and in return she has provided direction, sensibility, and strength that has enabled me to take my life to a higher level.”

“I would absolutely recommend Mary over other coaches because of her no-nonsense practices that inspire growth, real change, and higher-level living!”

– Lora Dabb


“Working with Mary was so definitely worth the money that I spent on it.”

“At first I was a little bit worried, like, can I afford this? I’m working less hours right now so I don’t have a lot of budget to spare. But it was so, so worth it!”

– Janie Ledet

Janie Ledet

“Coaching with Mary was effective because of her ability to reframe my concerns, help me to articulate the problem, and gently challenge me toward solutions.

The steps were very manageable, but the support was priceless.”

– Leslie J

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How are boundaries affecting your everyday life?

Take my quick and fun Boundaries Quiz to discover your strengths, challenges, and next steps!