15. Boundaries and Siblings

Boundaries and Siblings

Do relationships with siblings seem to get more complicated as you get older? Do you get pulled into their drama with each other and are sick of being the negotiator or mediator? Are you ready to decide what you want your role to be with your siblings? If so, this episode is for you! On … Read more

14. Boundaries and Redirection

boundaries and redirection

Have you found yourself on the receiving end of a boundary? How did you feel about it? Did you take it personally or get offended? We feel ok setting boundaries for ourselves, but maybe it is hard to hear other’s boundaries towards us. Today Mary talks with Chris Dyer, a coach, speaker and author about … Read more

12. Boundaries and Food

Let's talk boundaries

Setting boundaries isn’t just about people. We can set boundaries around just about anything. And one thing that a lot of people struggle with is setting boundaries around food and their eating habits. Mary talks with Stephanie in this interview about why we need boundaries around food and how to set those boundaries. Stephanie discusses … Read more

11. The New Way to Make and Keep New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Boundaries

Do you have a hard time making and keeping your New Year’s goals? Well you are not alone! Many people by February have already lost their motivation for the goals they set only a month earlier. So in this interview, Mary chats with Deb DiSandro, who is a professional business speaker and speaking coach, about … Read more

10. Boundaries and Family Drama

Boundaries and Family drama

Do you feel like you are always getting pulled into the middle of family drama? Are you the one having to be an intermediary between family members? Well that is exactly how Debbi was feeling with the relationship with her parents and brother. In this interview, Debbi discusses the family drama that she is getting … Read more

9. How to enjoy the Holidays this year

Let's Talk Boundaries

Does the thought of upcoming holidays cause you stress? Wouldn’t you rather be feeling joy, connection and excitement? Many people don’t set themselves boundaries, especially during the holidays. And this can lead to extra overwhelm, stress and anxiety. In this episode Mary discusses how to start picking your boundaries for your holidays. She gives some … Read more

8. Boundaries and Becoming Myself

Mary Brown Boundaries

Do you do things just to make others happy? Do you really know what makes you happy? Or what you do and do not like? Well if not, or even if you aren’t sure… then this episode is just for you. Jeanette was once a people pleaser and had no boundaries. In this interview Mary … Read more

7. Boundaries and Aging Parents

Boundaries and Aging Parents

How can we navigate aging parents and the roles we want to play in their care? In this interview, Carol talks through the decisions she is facing regarding her parents and the care they need. Mary helps her work through what kind of care she is willing and not willing to provide. Carol realizes it … Read more

6. Boundaries and Empowerment

Mary Boundaries Coach

Are you ready to get your power back? A lot of it has to do with taking responsibility for your own boundaries and realizing you can’t control others boundaries. And once you set those boundaries, how do you maintain them?  In this interview Mary speaks with Sarah Monares, a licensed counselor, coach and writer. They … Read more