30. Boundary Lessons from Breast Cancer : Interview with Kelley Tenny

Kelley Tenny Boundaries

Kelley Tenny is an experienced educator who has dedicated her career to helping students succeed. As an educator she had great success in setting boundaries in her classrooms. However, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer years ago, she realized that she needed to start prioritizing her own well-being and setting boundaries in not just … Read more

29. Entre-Talk: Boundaries for Better Business Leader, an interview with Dayle Wickizer

Dayle Wickizer Boundaries

In today’s episode Mary welcomes a special guest on the show to talk all about setting boundaries as a business leader. Dayle Wickizer is a results oriented Business Coach who helps technical managers learn to be outstanding, authentic leaders. Today Dayle talks to Mary all about setting boundaries as a manager to better help employees … Read more

26. Pretty Baby Brooke Shields: Boundaries in Pop Culture

Boundaries and Brooke Shields

Welcome to a new series we will be introducing: Boundaries in Pop Culture! In today’s episode Mary talks with her sister Chime all about the documentary “Pretty Baby Brooke Shields”. They discuss the boundary issues that Brooke had from a young age and how that affected her and her relationships through young adulthood. Mary and … Read more

24. Applying Boundaries as a Christian

Boundaries as a Christian

In this episode we dive into a very common question about how it is possible for women of faith to set boundaries. Mary talks to her sister Carolin on how boundaries have helped Carolin live the gospel. Carolin and Mary talk about how having boundaries in the gospel has helped them be more available to … Read more