60. The Problem of Being BUSY and Tips to Tackle Busyness

tips to tackle busyness

Do you consider yourself busy?  Do you find yourself rushing from one thing to the next with a never-ending to-do list running in the back of your head?  Well, that’s exactly the sentiment shared by today’s guest, Cari Powers—a personal trainer, a nutrition coach, and a busy entrepreneur.   Despite her perpetual busyness, Cari often … Read more

59. Workplace Stress, Boundaries and Burnout: An Interview with Burnout Expert Chelsea Frost

burnout and boundaries

The term “burnout” has become increasingly common, but what does it actually mean?  Today, we dive into this important topic with special guest and burnout expert, Chelsea Frost.  After overcoming her own struggle with experiencing burnout, Chelsea is now dedicated to preventing others from going through similar struggles.  As an executive coach specializing in burnout … Read more

58. What do Boundaries have to do with Emotional Intelligence?  A discussion about EQ, awareness, management, relationships, and boundaries

Boundaries and Emotional Intelligence

In this episode, I had the privilege of chatting with Patricia Ortega, a career coach and the host of The Uncommon Career Podcast.  Patricia specializes in helping technical leaders and professionals overcome career challenges to find, land, and thrive in fulfilling and impactful careers.  She has over a decade of experience, is a certified life … Read more

57. The Mother-Daughter Dynamic in Business: Vesta and Delaney Share What it’s REALLY like to Work Together

mother daughter in business

In this episode, I had the privilege of interviewing Delaney and Vesta Hager, a mother-daughter duo who are not only business partners but also co-hosts of “The What’s Next Podcast.”  Their business venture and podcast aim to assist women in transition, guiding them toward their desired destinations and helping them shape the life they aspire … Read more

56. Boundaries and Working With Your Spouse: Sarah’s Journey of Marriage, Millions, Business, and Fulfillment

boundaries and working with spouse

Today, we’re joined by a special guest, Sarah Stokes. We hear all about Sarah’s story of working with her spouse as television anchors, to co-creating a million dollar marketing business, to starting a coaching practice that helps business women choose joy.  We dive into the topic of the husband and wife power couple and what … Read more

54. Tough Conversations: Tips and Tools for Leaders to Discuss Time Management and Productivity with your Team Member

Tips and Tools for Leaders to Discuss Time Management and Productivity with your Team Member

As a business leader or team member, sometimes difficult conversations need to happen to work effectively together. However, these conversations don’t need to be as stressful as you may think! It is possible to have tough conversations while maintaining professionalism and solution focused. I had the opportunity to discuss how to have a tough conversation … Read more

53. Boundaries and Kindness are BFFs

boundaries and kindness

You may have heard (or even thought!) that setting boundaries is unkind.  I am here to tell you that this is a myth!  In this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Loreé Beamer, also known as the Queen of Kindness.  She shares her story of discovering happiness in her life by extending kindness … Read more

51. Reality Check: Boundaries in Relationships

Boundaries in Relationships

Last month, we discussed the differences between rules and boundaries (see episode 48).  Since then, I have frequently been asked, “What About “Relationship Boundaries”?  If rules are guidelines for leading groups of people and boundaries are my personal guidelines for myself, then what do we call the boundaries within our relationships? Well here is the … Read more