Mary Brown Boundaries Coach

Boundaries and Calendars

For Busy Working Women

A community of women learning to overcome busyness and to love their calendar.

Are you a busy working woman trying to do everything for everyone all the time?

Do you find you can’t seem to fit it all in your calendar? And looking at your calendar just gets you more overwhelmed?

All the effort you put in is exhausting.

The load you carry is heavy and overwhelming.

You wish you had more time in your day or you could just say no.

During the day, you cannot focus. At night, you lie awake anxious and stressed thinking about all you need to do. You think you might need to set some boundaries but you don’t know how.

What if there was a way to...

Mary Brown Boundaries Coach

Good news: I’m here to tell you that this is possible!

For Busy Working Women

A supportive community of women learning boundaries to help them overcome busyness and love their calendar led by The Boundaries Coach, Mary Brown.

"As a business owner and recovering people pleaser, Mary’s coaching has helped me acknowledge my value and the value of my services. Instead of running myself ragged, I now have the skills to identify boundaries and navigate challenging conversations from a place of compassion. I am feeling empowered versus inhibited, engaged versus exhausted, and worthy versus exhausted. I am loving life and my work more each day!"

-Courtney Cluett- Suarez

"Boundaries Coaching has shown me that I can take up space and use my voice. It helped me to realize my worth and gave me the vocabulary to express my needs and wants. Now, I am able to stand in my power and advocate for myself which I have done at work. I think everyone can benefit from this work! I felt very safe and supported throughout coaching. Mary makes boundary settings fun and easy. Thank you so much! I highly recommend getting in with her and take back control of your life!"

-Megan Jett

What you will learn (and accomplish!)...

Overcome Busyness

Find more time in the day to do what you love.

Clear Boundaries

Clarify what is ok and not ok for you.

Follow Through Skills

Uphold your boundaries.

Love Your Calendar

Learn to use your calendar as a tool for success.

Decision Making Skills

Feel good about your choices.

Self Care

Connect to yourself, your loved ones and something bigger than yourself.

Work Life Boundaries

You can have success AND self care.


Trust in yourself.

Communication Skills

Easy ways to have hard conversations.

Is this for you?

The 4 Pillars of Learning Boundaries

The Boundaries and Calendars community meets live each week with Mary to help
implement healthy boundaries that stick. 

And you are invited to join. 

The journey to learning healthy boundaries naturally progresses into phases that make up the 4 pillars.

Pillar 1
Boundary Foundations

We begin coaching establishing the foundation with setting goals and intentions, understanding self esteem, shifting mindsets and building confidence.

This foundation creates the stability to be ready to make empowered decisions about our boundaries.

Pillar 2
Deciding Boundaries

We will learn how to make intentional decisions, practice deciding our boundaries in the following areas: our resources, personal and professional relationships and work life balance.

We learn how to make these decisions from a place of love for ourselves and the people around us.

Pillar 3
Communicating Boundaries

We will learn how to say no and feel good about it. We will learn 4 specific tools to communicate boundaries in a way that is in alignment with you and maintains connection with your loved ones.

We will practice having hard conversations to learn to do it with ease.

Pillar 4
Following Through with Boundaries

We will learn the kindest ways to follow through with the boundaries we have clearly communicated.

We will create a plan for practicing real self care and we will know when & how to implement it.

What you will get...

Group Coaching

Weekly group coaching calls live with Mary Brown herself.


Belong to a supportive community of women learning boundaries together.


Receive access to downloadable worksheets to reinforce your learning.


Access to recordings of previous calls and any sessions you may miss.

Hey, friend! I'm Mary

Boundaries weren’t always easy for me. I had to figure them out all on my own. Once I discovered how to set & uphold boundaries from a place of love, I knew I needed to share what I learned with women who were also struggling with boundaries.

My journey to healthy boundaries had three steps:

  1. First, I had to decide what was ok for me and not ok for me.
  2. Second, I learned how to communicate my boundaries with compassion.
  3. Third, I figured out how to follow through with my boundaries and practice real self-care.
Not only have I overcome my own disease to please, I’ve also coached hundreds of women to become Boundaries Bosses!

Can You Imagine?

  • saying no and feeling good about it
  • enjoying a life of less stress and more time to yourself
  • having a calendar that you love and it actually benefits you
  • finding real connection with yourself and the people you love
  • living in alignment with your values
  • saying yes to the things you really want
  • deciding what’s okay and not okay for you
  • finding more clarity and feeling less overwhelm
For Busy Working Women

In this membership, you'll get:

PLUS these Bonuses:

"I finally have a navigation guide, the worksheets for tools, and real life examples to understand how to actually implement boundaries into my life.

This group has really allowed me to take what I have learned from Mary about boundaries, make the connections, and own it!

I feel more validated in standing up knowing that I am worthy.

Knowing there are a group of gals sharing and learning and being real has been huge to know I'm not alone. The group is like an encouraging cheering section through the ups and downs. Boundaries coaching is the BEST thing I have done for myself!!"