You Are a Get-Along-Girl!

You are kind, helpful, and easy-going!  You care deeply about others and your relationships.  You want the people around you to be happy.  In fact, you often forgo what you want to make others happy.  You do not like conflict and wish that everyone could just get along.  

The problem with being a Get-Along-Girl is that it is not working.  Trying so hard to make everyone happy and everyone get along is mentally and emotionally exhausting.  Sometimes you are so concerned with the wants and needs of everybody else that you forget what you want and need yourself. So, you just pretend that you are okay and it’s all good.  You need boundaries!

Here is the good news:

You can overcome the disease to please! 

  • Imagine releasing the burden of other people’s happiness and embracing your own happiness. 
  • Imagine real, deep connections with the people you love, including yourself. 
  • Imagine the ability to speak up and show up authentically. 

All of this is possible for you when you learn to have healthy boundaries!  

Now What?

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