You Are a Go-To-Girl!

You are helpful, loyal, and dependable!  The people around you know that they can count on you! You are trustworthy and responsible!  

The problem with being a Go-To-Girl is that you feel unappreciated.  You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.  Deep down, you feel taken advantage of and even resentment towards the people you love.  This feels terrible to you.  You need boundaries!

Here is the good news:

You are valuable!  You were born valuable.  You are just as valuable as every other person on Earth.  Your value never changes.  You do not have to earn your worth because you are inherently valuable. 

You can learn boundaries! 

  • Imagine being responsible for only yourself. 
  • Imagine being able to help people from a place of love when you want to, instead of when you think you should.  
  • Imagine more confidence, compassion, and connection. 

All of this is possible for you when you learn to have healthy boundaries!  

Now What?

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