Mary Boundaries Coach

From Resentment
to Contentment

through healthy boundaries in just 4 months!

You’re trying.

You’re trying SO hard to do it all.

Trying to take care of everything. Trying to make everyone happy. Your life feels like a juggling act…and it’s exhausting.

You’re putting the needs of others first and finding your own needs aren’t getting met. Everyone thinks you’re so nice and helpful, but deep down, you are drained. You secretly harbor some resentment towards people you love, and you may even begin avoiding them.

When you think about saying no, you feel guilty and selfish. When you hear people talking about things like self-care, all you can think about is how you’ll ever fit it into your already busy schedule.

Mary Brown Boundaries Coach

What if there was a way to...

Good news: I’m here to tell you that all this is possible.


A Coaching Program to help women like you to move from resentment to contentment.

What you will learn (and accomplish!)...

Healthy Boundaries

Live by what is ok and not ok for you.

Follow Through Skills

Be able to respect and protect yourself.

Decision Making Skills

Feel good about your choices.


Show up with love and connection.

Self- Confidence

Feel great about yourself.

Communication Skills

To make hard conversations easier.

"I finally have a navigation guide, the worksheets for tools, and real life examples to understand how to actually implement boundaries into my life.

This group has really allowed me to take what I have learned from Mary about boundaries, make the connections, and own it!

I feel more validated in standing up knowing that I am worthy.

Knowing there are a group of gals sharing and learning and being real has been huge to know I'm not alone. The group is like an encouraging cheering section through the ups and downs. Boundaries coaching is the BEST thing I have done for myself!!"


The 4 Pillars of Loving Boundaries

Loving Boundaries is an individualized coaching experience proven to help you implement healthy boundaries that stick. The journey to learning healthy boundaries naturally progresses into phases that make up the 4 pillars.

Pillar 1
Boundary Foundations

We begin coaching establishing the foundation with setting goals and intentions, understanding self esteem, shifting mindsets and building confidence.

This foundation creates the stability to be ready to make empowered decisions about our boundaries.

Pillar 2
Deciding Boundaries

We will learn how to make intentional decisions, practice deciding our boundaries in the following areas: our resources, personal and professional relationships and work life balance.

We learn how to make these decisions from a place of love for ourselves and the people around us.

Pillar 3
Communicating Boundaries

We will learn how to say no and feel good about it. We will learn 4 specific tools to communicate boundaries in a way that is in alignment with you and maintains connection with your loved ones.

We will practice having hard conversations to learn to do it with ease.

Pillar 4
Following Through with Boundaries

We will learn the kindest ways to follow through with the boundaries we have clearly communicated.

We will create a personalized plan for practicing real self care and we will know when & how to implement it.

Coaching begins with an individual session to build confidence in yourself. Your learning journey continues in a small group with live sessions. In addition to weekly group sessions, monthly individual sessions help you implement each pillar. 

Is this for you?

Mary Brown Boundaries Coach

What you will get...

Individual coaching

Private 1:1 coaching sessions.
It's like personal training for your mindset & emotional health.

Small group coaching

Weekly live calls to learn boundary principles and skills in a small supportive group.

Physical Workbook

Receive a welcome package with your workbook full of tools and resources to guide you on your journey.


Belong to a supportive community of women learning boundaries together.

Mary Brown Boundaries Coach

Hey, friend! I'm Mary

Boundaries weren’t always easy for me. I had to figure them out all on my own. Once I discovered how to set & uphold boundaries from a place of love, I knew I needed to share what I learned with women who were also struggling with boundaries.

My journey to healthy boundaries had three steps:

  1. First, I had to decide what was ok for me and not ok for me.
  2. Second, I learned how to communicate my boundaries with compassion.
  3. Third, I figured out how to follow through with my boundaries and practice real self-care.

Not only have I overcome my own disease to please, I’ve also coached hundreds of women to become Boundaries Bosses!

"Loving Boundaries group coaching has taught me to be comfortable having boundary conversations. I know what to say and how to compose myself so I'm not starting a war. I have learned skills to having loving conversations AND get my needs met. This will change your life!"

-Rene Dunnagan

"The Loving Boundaries Group was both educational and entertaining. The gals in the group were real, down to earth, and super funny. We stayed on point with learning the content each week and we had fun with it, which was really good for me.

Loving Group Coaching was definitely worth the cost of the course. Mary even added some extra bonus content and coaching to make it even more valuable."

-Heatherann Dyer

Can you imagine?

In Loving Boundaries, you'll get:

PLUS these Bonuses:

The Investment


OR $495/mo for 6 months

"You know, boundaries are really important to have good relationships. And they aren't meant to keep others out; they're meant to keep you in. They're all about self care and my friend Mary has really helped me in this course. I've been almost looking for opportunities to set boundaries, even and especially with the small things, and I've really felt a huge weight lifted from me."

-Marissa Orchard​

"Mary is very knowledgeable about the topic of boundaries and she is a good teacher. Her confidence makes it seem so easy. I realized that boundaries have a certain structure that anyone can follow."

-Lesley Jeska

Are you ready to become a boundaries pro?