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Mary Boundaries Coach

Peace on Earth: How to Enjoy the Holidays with Healthy Boundaries

November 16 - January 4

From Stress this Season to Enjoying the Holidays

Want to stop the holiday season stress? Hoping to actually enjoy the holidays?

Do you usually spend the holiday season trying to make it perfect for everyone else and then do not enjoy it yourself?

More joy, less struggle.
More connection, less guilt.
More peace, less stress.
More intention, less overwhelm.
More love, less obligation.

How does all that sound for the upcoming holiday season? Believe it or not…it’s possible!

It's that time of year again! When you think of holiday prep, what comes to mind?

Mary Brown Boundaries Coach
Mary Brown Boundaries Coach

What about holiday boundaries?

Most people don’t think about these things beforehand, but the truth is, most holiday-related stresses can be traced back to a lack of clear boundaries!
This means, of course, that when you take the time to define your boundaries BEFORE the holidays, you can approach this lovely time of year with more love, joy, and fulfillment – and less stress, resentment, and obligation!

A group coaching program to help you determine, communicate, and follow through on your holiday boundaries!

What you will learn (and accomplish!)...

Healthy Boundaries

Live by what is ok and not ok for you.

Follow Through Skills

Be able to respect and protect yourself.

Decision Making Skills

Feel good about your choices.


Show up with love and connection.

Self- Confidence

Feel great about yourself.

Communication Skills

To make hard conversations easier.

Loving Holidays Meetings


What you will get...

Individual coaching

A kickoff with a 1:1 call for personalized support plus 1 S.O.S. individual call to book anytime during the program that you need additional support.

Boundaries Tools

Valuable worksheets to guide you on your journey. These tools will guide you this Holiday Season and long afterwards.

Small group coaching

Weekly group calls will be a mix of coaching content teaching about holiday boundaries and open calls for asking questions specific to what you are experiencing.

Mary Brown Boundaries Coach

Hey, friend! I'm Mary

Boundaries weren’t always easy for me. I had to figure them out all on my own. Once I discovered how to set & uphold boundaries from a place of love, I knew I needed to share what I learned with women who were also struggling with boundaries.

My journey to healthy boundaries had three steps:

  1. First, I had to decide what was ok for me and not ok for me.
  2. Second, I learned how to communicate my boundaries with compassion.
  3. Third, I figured out how to follow through with my boundaries and practice real self-care.

Not only have I overcome my own disease to please, I’ve also coached hundreds of women to become Boundaries Bosses!

"Mary is an amazing coach. Her insights are spot on and she is able to help you move in a positive direction almost immediately. Every session is focused, and directed toward a specific goal so that you can make the changes you want in your life."

-Deb DiSandro

The Investment


Pay in Full
Save $50
$750  >>  $700

Payment Plan
Pay $375 today
& $375 in December

"I am among the many 50-something women who truly never understood the value and kindness of having boundaries - or that having them would make life more loving and peaceful for all involved. I had sought help on numerous occasions from counselors and life coaches, but none were able to address the issues head on.

Mary supports you and makes you feel safe while creating a structure that allows you to "do the work" and face hard truths. And she does so eagerly, with curiosity, humor, love, and utter confidence. I cannot thank Mary enough for what the next half of my life will bring. It's so much better already!"

-Anna Hart

Have you ever noticed that the main conflict in most holiday-themed movies centers around a lack of boundaries?

In the video clip from “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,” there are MANY things wrong with this scenario – and they all center around a lack of boundaries!

If Charlie Brown was a Boundaries Pro, what do you think he would have done differently in this scenario? What would you do if the Peppermint Patty in your life did this to you?

If you don’t know, or if you suspect you might react just like Charlie Brown did…I can help!

Not sure if Loving Holidays is for you?

If you have any unanswered questions or want to know if you would be a good fit to go through this coaching program, let’s chat!

Are you ready to have a joyous holiday?

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