70. Professional Relationships: Boundaries in Business Leadership, Part 6

professional relationships

In the sixth and final part of our boundaries in business leadership series, Sarah Stokes and I discuss setting boundaries in our professional relationships.  We explore topics such as defining roles and responsibilities, expectations and measurements of success, dealing with conflicts, and maintaining healthy business relationships.  We share our personal experiences with professional relationships, and … Read more

69. Client Relationships: Boundaries in Business Leadership, Part 5

Client Relationships

In the fifth part of our boundaries in business leadership series, Mary and Sarah dive into establishing boundaries with clients. They discuss the importance of defining clear expectations as a business leader, including setting both working and non-working hours. The conversation highlights establishing specific terms of service to prevent overcommitting and potential resentment. Furthermore, the … Read more

68. Business Finances: Boundaries in Business Leadership, Part 4

business finances

In this discussion on business finances, Sarah Stokes and I discuss the importance of setting financial boundaries in business.  We discuss topics such as setting boundaries around pricing and payment, the unintended consequences of not having financial boundaries, and the importance of creating sustainable financial practices in business. We emphasize viewing money as a tool … Read more

67. Focus, Technology, and Learning: Boundaries and Business Leadership, Part 3

boundaries and focus

Welcome to the third installment of the Boundaries and Business Leadership series. In today’s episode, Sarah Stokes and I delve into the importance of establishing boundaries concerning focus, technology, and learning within the realm of business leadership. Our conversation highlights the significance of being aware of potential distractions and deliberately choosing tasks that align with … Read more

66. Work Life Balance: Boundaries and Business Leadership, Part 2

work life balance

Everybody is searching for the ever-elusive work-life balance. I think what we really need are clear work and life boundaries. In the second part of my Boundaries and Business series, I engage in a conversation with Sarah Stokes, sharing our experiences, reflections, and insights on work-life balance, including a discussion of myths and misconceptions about … Read more

65. Why Saying “No” Makes Us MORE Successful: Boundaries and Business Leadership, Part 1

Saying No makes us more successful

Welcome to part one of this series designed for business owners, leaders, career professionals, and entrepreneurs. Partnering with Sarah Stokes, we delve into the realm of boundary-related issues that often arise in business. In this first segment, our focus revolves around the transformative power of saying no and practicing self-leadership for greater success and fulfillment … Read more

64. Boundaries and Creativity, Art, and Business

Boundaries art, business and creativity

Today, we are joined by a special guest, Minette Riordan, who delves into the significance of establishing boundaries in the realm of creativity and its integration into business. Our conversation explores the idea that while not everyone may be “crafty,” yet we are still able to be creative in our own ways. Minette explains how … Read more

63. The New Way to Make and Keep New Year’s Resolutions

new years resolutions

Struggling to establish and stick to your New Year’s resolutions? You’re not the only one! By February, many individuals find themselves lacking the motivation they had just a month before. In this conversation, I speak with Deb to explore a fresh approach to creating and maintaining resolutions. Emphasizing the importance of acknowledging progress rather than … Read more

62. Boundaries and Holidays

boundaries and holidays

Are you finding the approaching holidays to be a source of stress? Wouldn’t you prefer to experience joy, connection, and excitement instead? Many individuals tend to overlook setting boundaries, especially during the holiday season, which can result in increased overwhelm, stress, and anxiety. In this episode, we explore the concept of establishing boundaries for the … Read more

61. Work and Life Boundaries When Working From Home and Balancing Parenting

work and life boundaries with parenting

As working from home has become more common, so have questions and discussions about work life balance.  Today we go beyond the typical work-life balance to include the unique challenges faced by parents working from home.  Our guest, Leslie, embarked on the journey of entrepreneurship with her husband and then discovered that they were expecting … Read more