51. Reality Check: Boundaries in Relationships

Boundaries in Relationships

Last month, we discussed the differences between rules and boundaries (see episode 48).  Since then, I have frequently been asked, “What About “Relationship Boundaries”?  If rules are guidelines for leading groups of people and boundaries are my personal guidelines for myself, then what do we call the boundaries within our relationships? Well here is the … Read more

50. Friends at Work: Boundaries and Rules when you have both a Personal AND Professional Relationship

Do you work with friends and family?  Have you become friends with your coworkers? Maintaining a personal and professional relationship can be challenging, especially when you are trying to enforce rules and boundaries.  You do not want to resent your friend.  You also do not want it to be uncomfortable at work.  This is exactly … Read more

48. Boundaries vs Rules: What’s the Difference?

rules and boundaries

In this episode, Mary Brown, The Boundaries Coach, shares insights on a common area of confusion she often encounters in her work: distinguishing between rules and boundaries. In this discussion, she emphasizes the significance of grasping these distinctions and how doing so can contribute to maintaining strong and healthy relationships. Mary emphasizes the importance of … Read more

47. Work and Life Balance with a Health Challenge

work life boundaries with a health challenge

Balancing work and life can be a tough feat for many individuals, but it becomes even more demanding when faced with a health issue. In a conversation between Mary and Tracy, who is a solopreneur, Tracy candidly shares her experiences dealing with Lyme disease and the adjustments she had to make to prioritize her well-being. … Read more

46. The Barbie Movie and Boundary Foundations

Barbie and boundary foundations

In recent weeks, the new Barbie movie has taken center stage. Mary Brown and her sister, Chime, engage in a conversation about the fundamental concepts of boundaries and provide examples from the film. The two delve into the themes of self-confidence and self-worth that are prominently depicted throughout the Barbie movie. Mary and Chime deliver … Read more

45. Social Media Boundaries

social media boundaries

Today, we had the privilege of engaging in a conversation with Jade Shebelski, an adept social media manager and creative content producer. Our discussion delved into the realm of social media, illuminating the advantages of establishing limits on our usage for the sake of our well-being. Jade engages in a dialogue with Mary, The Boundaries … Read more

44. Boundaries in the Life and Legacy of Tina Turner

Tina Turner and Boundaries

The iconic Tina Turner faced a challenging beginning to both her life and her journey to stardom. In this particular episode, we join Mary Brown, The Boundaries Coach, in a candid dialogue with her sister, Chime. The focus is on the documentary “I, Tina,” which sheds light on Tina’s early struggles with establishing and maintaining … Read more

43. Boundaries and Our Bodies with Denita Bremer

Boundaries and Trauma with Denita Bremer

In this episode Mary Brown, The Boundaries Coach, welcomes Denita Bremer, a certified life coach, specializing in trauma and nervous system regulation. During their conversation, they delve into the topic of boundaries in the context of trauma coaching and its connection to our nervous system. They discuss the significance of acknowledging and embracing uncomfortable emotions, … Read more

42. Jessica’s Story of Learning Boundaries and Finding Forgiveness

learning boundaries and finding forgiveness

Discovering forgiveness and establishing boundaries are interconnected. Achieving forgiveness can pave the way for freedom and peace in life. This was precisely the journey undertaken by Jessica, one of Mary’s clients, who had endured a challenging divorce and other difficult circumstances. During this discussion, Jessica shares how setting boundaries played a vital role in her … Read more